C++ for Complete Beginners by John Purcell

Getting Started  PreviewIntroducing C++ (14:55)  StartSetup and Installation (8:38)  StartHello World (23:15)  StartOutputting Text (19:17) Basic Syntax  StartVariables (16:23)  StartStrings (7:29)  StartUser Input (9:35)  StartBinary Numbers and Memory (5:57)  StartInteger Types (13:02)  StartFloating Point Types (14:41)  StartOther Types (11:34)  StartIf (12:25)  StartIf-Else (13:15)  StartIf-Elseif-Else (18:35)  StartComparing Floating Point Types (4:03)  StartC++ Conditions (21:17)  StartWhile Loops

Computer Networks with David Wetherall

Course Description Computer networks from ISPs to WiFi and cellular networks are a key part of the information economy. These networks are the foundation for the Web, and they enable companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. This course introduces the fundamental problems of computer networking, from sending bits over wires to running distributed applications.