Hello and welcome , after a long awaiting , here came the tidings by pcmymjuegos , a spanish team to bring the multiplayer crack (lan or offline network)

i made a tutorial on youtube on playing the game which could be found here (link below)

3-Choose the second option which is the multiplayer

Even though it’s in Spanish Language but there is nothing difficult just extract the game and play as shown

1-Name your character by opening Cambiar NickName.exe
2-Open Serious Sam 3 LAN.exe

4-Choose the second option which is the multiplayer

5-Now the first option is for story co-op while the second option is for versus

6-Now the first option is for finding network for client ,while the second option for creating server or the host

7-now these options for difficulty

8-now there the server options by maximum and minimum ,the same time other clients could join the game , after that create the game

Download :

Part1 : https://techsyou.com/6TMPKfhg

Part2 : https://techsyou.com/NLUrL

Part3 : https://techsyou.com/1ZtNhclm

Part4 : https://techsyou.com/QGp9o

Part5 : https://techsyou.com/D6ozb6

Part6 : https://srtfly.com/UcE9Ok10

By AhmedWafaa

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